Ellington Pond Nature Reserve

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In the heart of the small town of Ellington; only a few miles from the sandy beaches of Druridge Bay, there is an attractive pond known as ‘The Ellington Pond Nature Reserve‘. Only a short drive from Cresswell Pond and the Queen Elizabeth II Country Park this site has great potential for visiting migrants/vagrants stopping off for a visit. Tall bulrushes surround the pond, which is usually home to commoner species such as Coot, Mallard and Moorhen. A good range of ducks, can be recorded as the seasons pass which can include Gadwall, Pochard, Scaup, Shoveler, Teal and Wigeon.

It is also full of life in the spring/summer with the calls of Sedge and Reed Warblers, whilst in the nearby trees/shrubs, Chiffchaffs, Willow Warblers and Whitethroats join the chorus. Hedgehogs at times walk across the road, between Ellington and Cresswell, and visitors are recommended to take care with their speed when driving between Ellington and Cresswell in this rural setting. Cresswell village is packed with holidaymakers during the summer, and many often make their way to enjoy Cresswell and Ellington.

A Mallard

Ellington Pond is a developing wildlife habitat and is well appreciated by the local community. At this time the site is not well watched by birders. If your on your way to Cresswell, it’s always worth stopping off to check Ellington, especially in the spring and autumn when migrants/vagrants can be passing through.



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NZ 277 922


    • Wetland
    • Grassland


There is free access and the pond can easily be viewed.


There is a shop/cafe and toilets in the nearby village of Cresswell.

There is a small unlocked hide, which has free public access.


There is space at the side of the road, adjacent to the pond for 2-3 cars to park.