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Morpeth – River Wansbeck

An Interactive Guide To Birdwatching Sites in the North East of England

A visit to the town of Morpeth is always a great day out. Visitors can explore the nearby woodland or enjoy a relaxing walk close to the river. Key Species to watch out for include Dipper, Great Spotted Woodpecker, Grey Wagtail and Kingfisher. The site also contains a good selection of woodland birds and is popular with Warblers during the spring/summer months.

There is a wide range of facilities available, which include an outdoor Chinese and at times an ice cream van. For a small charge visitors can also hire rowing boats, which allows them to experience life on the river themselves for a short time. Despite the location and the high popularity of the site, especially during weekends, the area is rich in wildlife; much of which can be seen up close at times.

A Kingfisher

During the spring, Common Sandpipers can be found feeding along the river, whilst Grey Herons come to visit when the site is less busy.




Map Reference

NZ 2085


  • Freshwater River
  • Woodland
  • Parkland


There is free access and some paths that run alongside the river.


There are toilets, shops and cafes in Morpeth town centre.


There is paid parking available.

Additional Information

More information is available at www.northumberland.gov.uk