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Corbridge – River Tyne

An Interactive Guide To Birdwatching Sites in the North East of England

As the River Tyne continues its journey east from the historic town of Hexham, it passes through the town of Corbridge. Here visitors can explore an attractive riverside habitat and enjoy some fresh countryside air. There is both free and paid car parking and some paths, which allow access close to the river. This site is a favourite for Grey Wagtails and these can usually easily be found close to the main bridge which spans the river. Other key species to watch for include Dipper, Goosander and Kingfisher.

This is also a great site to get up close to Warblers during the spring/summer months. If you’re looking for a day out, with a short walk, lots of fresh open air and scenic views, then Corbridge is highly recommended. There is also a good selection of shops/cafes in the village of Corbridge, which includes an independent bookshop.

A Bullfinch




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  • Freshwater River
  • Woodland
  • Grassland


There is free access and there are paths that allow visitors to enjoy the nearby riverside habitats.


There are shops, cafes and facilities available in the town centre.


There is free parking available.